Tiriki Onus and Alec Morgan film Ablaze. 2021. Premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival.

  • Awgie Award for Best Documentary Script - Broadcast or Exhibition.
  • Atom Award for Best Documentary - Social and Political Issues
  • Atom Award for Best Indigenous Video or Website
  • Victorian Premier's History Award. Described by the Judges as: 'Superbly Researched...History at it's best...An Important Contribution to Victorian History'.
  • Official Selection In Maoriland 2022 Film Festival
  • Shortlisted for the Digital History Prize in the 2022 NSW Premier's History Awards

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Gululu dhuwala djalkiri - Exhibition curated by Matt Poll, Rebecca Conway and and representatives of Milingimbi Art and Culture, Yurrwi Island, Bula'bula Arts, Ramingining, and Bukularrŋgay Mulka, Yirrkala Art Centre.

  • Highly Commended in the Museums and Galleries of NSW 2021 Imagine Awards




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