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We have presented research on this project at the following conferences:

  • Callaway Centre Research Seminar, University of Western Australia, 2022.
  • Urgent Histories: Australian Historical Association Conference, Deakin University, 2022.
  • Music in the Pacific World: Change and Exchange Through Sound and Memory. First Conference of the IMS Study Group on the Global History of Music, Taipei, Taiwan, 2021.
  • International Australian Studies Association Biennial Conference: Reinventing Australia, The Australian Catholic University, Sydney, 2021.
  • The Society for Ethnomusicology 65th Annual Meeting 'Musical Activism and Agency: Contestations and Confluences,' Ontario, Canada, 2020.
  • History on Wednesday, University of Sydney, 2020.
  • Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance and Symposium on Indigenous Arts and Culture in the Academy, The University of Melbourne, 2020.
  • Narrating Music and Social Change Symposium, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2019.
  • Australian Historical Association Annual Conference: 'Local Communities, Global Networks', University of Southern Queensland, 2019.
  • Foundation for Endangered Languages Conference XXII. Endangered Languages and the Land; Mapping Landscapes of Multilingualism, Reyjavík, Iceland, 2018.
  • Australian Historical Association Conference 2018: The Scale of History,Australian National University, 2018.
  • Through the Looking Glass: The 41st Musicological Society of Australia (MSA) National Conference and 17th Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance, Edith Cowan University, 2018.
  • Music and Ethnography Study Group, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2018.